March the 1st, marked the first day of the arrival of our brand new electric car. ‘Actions speak louder than words’ as they say, so to support our sustainability goal to reduce our carbon footprint, we have decided to replace the old mailroom diesel vehicle, with electric instead. BIG benefits!

Surface transport, which is the movement of people or goods by road, train or ship, accounted for a huge 22% of UK carbon emissions in 2019 – simply by making that transition to electric, we’ll  be reducing Co2 emissions from 1.1 tonnes per year to zero. 

That’s the equivalent of four return flights from London to Barcelona!

Chris Shaw, Head of Safety & Sustainability commented:
​​​​​​​”The arrival of this vehicle marks the start of our commitment in reducing our fleet associated carbon emissions.  In addition to the continued procurement of green, renewable electricity, we are furthermore committed to growing a fully rechargeable fleet and are exploring opportunities to assist employees who also make that important step change to an electric vehicle.”

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