We'd love to see your CREATIVE SUBMISSIONS

Take a look at our three different opportunities below, and find out how to share your amazing creative work with us. Whether it’s art, words or humour, we’re always excited by new ideas!

We love that exciting ideas and inspiration are all around us, not just here in our creative studios! So if you want to share your work with us, take a look at the 3 different areas below:


We’re looking for real skill and talent whatever your discipline, from illustration and painting to photography, lettering and graphic design – we’d love to see what you can do!


We’re always looking for fresh new ways of helping people connect and looking for words that really capture a relationship and feel meaningful and authentic. Whether as a text document or PDF – we’d love to read your work.


Go on, make us laugh! From funny cartoons and pictures to witty gags and puns, we’re open to anything (and rarely offended.)


Submit all work as a JPEG, PNG, PDF or DOC file no bigger than 5MB. Files in low resolution will be sufficient at this stage. When uploading multiple files please upload a zip folder as only one file can be uploaded at a time. Please don’t send any original artwork as we can’t return anything. 

All copyright remains with the artist up to the point that the artist agrees to sell their artwork to UKG, the artwork is purchased by UKG (payment terms to be discussed with each individual) and a transfer of copyright agreement is signed.

Please make sure you read and accept all the legal bits in the 'submission of work' section of our terms before you send us anything.