A fabulous feast of fresh and funny cards for all tastes, lovingly prepared by our award-winning team of experts in our very own humour lab! Whatever tickles your fancy!


Crackers is one of our evergreen humour ranges, featuring appealing plasticine animal characters coupled with classic punchline humour. A real all-rounder of a look that lends itself particularly well to family captions as well as birthdays, these cards can add a bit of humour to your gift giving.

Crackers Uncle birthday dog card


From some of our best-selling gags to contemporary comedy, the Giggles card range is our flagship range when it comes to all things punchlines. Regularly updated to bring you the freshest humour, this range is great for anyone looking to bring a smile to a loved one’s face.

Giggles yoga card
Giggles son birthday card

Comedy Wildlife

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards highlights pressing global conservation issues and raises funds to help through fun and positive images of animals in the wild. UKG continually refreshes its licensed range to include the best new funny images from the contest.

comedy wildlife photographic birthday cards
Comedy Wildlife photographic dad ape card

Believe The Type 

Believe The Type is a smart and fresh typography range that features witty humour in a contemporary voice coupled with a bold font and colourful palette that really catches the eye.

Traces of Nuts

Traces of Nuts, from the unique mind of Australian cartoonist Tim Whyatt, continues to offer the funniest cartoon cards on the market. Sometimes cheeky and risqué but always guaranteed to raise a laugh.

Your Attention Please!

Your Attention Please! From UKG is a show-stopping range of funny warning sign cards that really stand out from the crowd – each design stands up like an a-board. Brightly coloured and parodying warning sign language, they steal the limelight.

Humour Dad and Brother greeting cards
Humour Dad greeting card

Shape Up

Shape Up is a bright and fun new range featuring designs with die-cut shapes and ever-popular pun humour. Illustrated in a cheerful style that is easy on the eye, this collection has something for everyone.