Welcome to OUR STUDIOS

a space for people to be creative in an open, friendly environment. Our team is made up of talented individuals, who all come together to make the lovely greeting card product we’re so proud to call our own!

The Creative Studio is our ideas factory and it’s filled with talented and lovely people. People who share a passion for all things cards and all things creative.


Different people from different backgrounds, all adding their unique flair to what we do. Illustrators, designers, editors, art workers – it’s basically a community of creatives coming together to work on the next exciting project.


We love what we do!


If this sounds exciting to you, follow the links to see what opportunities are available. We’re always happy to hear from fellow creative people!

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We love art. How could we not? And we like to think it shows in every brush stroke and pencil sketch we make. Because each and every designer is passionate about their work. But more importantly, each and every designer is different; with their own techniques and creative eye. We’re always developing and unearthing new skills with various workshops and projects. It keeps us inspired which in turn makes our work fresh and exciting.
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Obviously the design is only half the story. We also love words – long ones, short ones, and even the ones we never use but are still fun to say (like ‘koumpounophobia’). But what we really love are the words that bring people together. We’re a talented bunch of writers who know just how to tell your wife how much she’s loved, tell your friend how much they mean and tell your dad how much you appreciate all he does. Our cards are about connecting people in the big, the little and the just-saw-this-and-thought-of-you moments of life.
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The UK Greetings Humour Studio, as it sounds, is a jolly old place to work. Amid a lively and light-hearted atmosphere where quips, puns and banter fly back and forth like flocks of swooping starlings, a dedicated team of humour professionals are hard at work creating the best funny cards in the business. Enjoying what we do and having fun doing it is a key ingredient in our ongoing success!