Cultivating a climate where our people can thrive and be happy.

Our people are diverse and talented individuals. We’re proud that our business is made up of incredible people of different gender, ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, who reflect the communities where we live and work. Their unique qualities, creative talent, experiences and skills enable us to drive innovation and deliver value to our customers.

Encouraging employees to grow

We want our people to thrive and grow with us, as we strive to be an employer of choice. So we take an inclusive approach to learning and development. We treat people as individuals and encourage them to tailor their personal and professional goals to meet both our business goals and their own aspirations.

We empower our people to fulfil their potential through dedicated training, and plan carefully for the future, nurturing talented employees who will one day lead our business. This includes proven management and leadership skills programmes. With almost 10% of our business made up of people who have worked with us for over 20 years – when people join UK Greetings, they stay!

Recognising creativity

Creativity and innovation sit at the core of our business and enable us to grow sustainably for the future. We take a creative approach to everything from product design to cutting edge supply chain solutions and successful marketing campaigns. We’re always looking to improve and progress, making market leading and sustainable products, and delivering customer analytics and information through the latest technology.

Diversity and inclusion

The diversity of our workforce makes us stronger — more innovative, resilient and creative. Through our diversity and inclusion strategy, we champion an inclusive workplace and actively promote diversity within our workforce.  We are a proud Signatory of Business in the Community’s Race at Work Charter. Through training and education, we aim to create a supportive culture of respect, equity and fairness for all where everyone understands the part they play in our mission to create happiness, laughter and love, every single day

Empowering women

Women contribute significantly to our business, making up more than 80% of our employees. Attracting and retaining women is critical to our success and is an essential element of an inclusive, creative and innovative workplace. We’re proud that our leadership team is made up of equal numbers of women and men – still uncommon in most industries – and the majority of senior and creative positions are held by women.

We offer women the opportunity to thrive and grow, gaining the skills and confidence to progress to leadership roles while providing the flexibility they need to achieve work-life balance.

I’m proud to be part of the leadership team within UK Greetings, where we foster an inclusive environment that allows for creativity, innovation, collaboration and success through our people.

Claire Rusby, HR Director, UK Greetings

Promoting employee wellbeing

Happy, healthy employees take our performance to the next level and are more likely to stay with us for the long term. We offer our employees a range of confidential advice and services to support their wellbeing. This includes partnering with companies that offer health and financial workplace schemes.

We’ve transformed our workplace with wellbeing in mind, creating colourful, uplifting spaces where our teams can relax and chat in comfort. And throughout the year, we offer wellbeing events and talks covering topics such as mental health and awareness at work, nutrition, stress and resilience, mindfulness, finances for the future and pensions.

It’s really important that we know how our employees are feeling, so we conduct regular pulse surveys to measure their engagement and satisfaction with their roles, as well as their views on the company, what we’re doing well, and where we could improve. It’s all part of our mission to create happiness, laughter and love!