Making a positive impact within our community.

As a large employer with 2,500 UK employees, we’re passionate about making a positive impact within the communities where we live and work. Throughout the year, we raise funds for the charities that are close to our employees’ hearts and provide support to the most vulnerable in our local area through our membership of Business in the Community.

UK Greetings operates from four locations in the UK – three large sites in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, and a site in Farnham, Surrey. 1600 of our people are field-based, working with retail customers in the UK and Ireland, working in communities throughout the UK.

Raising funds for charity

We work in partnership with charities that are meaningful to our colleagues, such as The Kirkwood, the hospice for Kirklees, supporting their vital work with event sponsorship and fundraising. We also raise funds for both local and national charities, regularly organising bake sales and raffles and taking part in sponsored marathons, triathlons and more. We also encourage our people to connect with people from their communities during ‘Thinking of You Week’ and on ‘Festive Fridays’, promoting the heartfelt benefits of sending a card.

Helping children prepare for the future

We are strengthening our partnerships with local schools and colleges to help young people develop employability skills and provide support and guidance around career choices through company open days and talks at local colleges.  This in turn helps to nurture future talent for our company. We are proud of our apprenticeship programme, which supports school leavers starting their careers, and further programmes help colleagues to develop as leaders

A very special delivery that travelled 10,509 miles across the world!

When the team received an email from Melbourne, Australia, about a card that a gentleman had received for his birthday some 37 years prior, they were touched by his words of sentiment and deep love. The gentleman had received the above card depicting “Dawn near Malham” for his birthday from his wife. It was of huge romantic significance. He went on to tell us why it was so meaningful…When he was courting his wife, he had written her a poem called ‘Two trees’ which described two trees standing together, strong and independent, but with branches entwined, changing with the seasons and sharing the same sunshine, rain and wind. If you look at the picture closely, there are two main trees with two smaller trees and then even two smaller trees - grandparents, children and grandchildren – their family!

His wish was to have the picture enlarged and framed for his wife’s birthday. Cards have the power to evoke special memories and heartfelt feelings – how could we not make that wish come true.

Together, we do indeed, make the world a more thoughtful and caring place!