Environmental Impact

Passionate about working smarter for our environment.

With nearly 10 billion people on the planet by 2050, it’s vital that we protect our environment and conserve natural resources. We’re passionate about working smarter to improve our environmental impact by saving energy, improving our energy efficiency and preventing waste.

Saving energy

Our aim is to further reduce emissions from our operation by an additional 45% by 2022, compared to 2017.

Overall, we’ve reduced our energy consumption by over 1.5 million kilowatt-hours since 2019, avoiding over 400 tonnes of CO2 emissions. For example, we’ve:

  • introduced LED lighting and motion sensors; powering our distribution centres with renewable energy has improved our energy efficiency by 70%, compared to 2019
  • removed vending machines where they’re not being used regularly
  • used intelligent building management systems to provide efficient heating for our offices and distribution centres.

Preventing waste

We’re working with specialist waste companies to send zero operational waste to landfill, and take every opportunity to reuse and recycle. We aim to improve efficiency to reduce non-recyclable waste collections by 50% by 2021 compared to 2019 with a view to increasing this to 70% respectively by 2022, reducing the associated transport carbon emissions. To achieve this, we’re:

  • working closely with our customers to forecast demand and prevent the waste of our products
  • investing in internal print management system solutions; we’ve halved the volume of paper we print within our operations since 2019
  • increasing our recycling activities; we recycled 285 tonnes of paper waste in 2019
  • strengthening our internal ‘Plastic isn’t fantastic’ initiative; so far we’ve banned plastic cutlery and cups, introduced reusable coffee cups and recyclable paper napkins, and started collecting more items for recycling, including batteries and crisp packets.