Valentine’s Day is arguably the most romantic day of the year.  However, with this comes the huge pressure to not only find the perfect card but also write the perfect message!

Don’t worry though as our card writers are here to share their top 5 tips for what to write this Valentine’s! Plus there’s a handy link at the bottom of the page to help you find a card they’ll love.

Valentine’s Day TOP 5 TIPs

1) Sweet, simple messages are always a good start…

Maybe you’re not that romantic? Maybe you’ve only just started dating? Or maybe you’ve been together so long everything you want to say has already been said? Keep it simple and sweet!

  • I really like you!
  • Hope today’s as sweet as you are!
  • Be my Valentine?
  • Happy Valentine’s Day (obvious but it works!)
Valentine's day girlfriend and boyfriend cards

2) Nothing wrong with a bit of romance!

It’s okay to be romantic – it is Valentine’s Day after all! But that doesn’t mean you to need to write a sonnet to rival Shakespeare… short and meaningful works, too! Don’t be afraid to make it casual as well, it doesn’t need to be all flowery to tug at the heartstrings.

  • You’re my everything always.
  • I know I don’t say it that often, but I love you and hope you know this.
  • I love sharing our life together.
  • I love you, on Valentine’s Day and all the days before and after.

3) Be a bit cheeky!

Valentine’s Day is romantic but it’s also a time to… spice things up, shall we say. Maybe suggest some fun activities to do together (we’ll leave them up to your imagination) or add a cheeky innuendo to your message.

  • Can’t wait to get naughty with you!
  • Every part of me loves every part of you!
  • Netflix and chill?
  • It’s Valentine’s Day – fancy a night in?
  • Happy Valentine’s Day you sexy thing!

4) Keep it funny

They say laughter is the language of the soul… so if in doubt, make them laugh!

  • I love you more than football/ASOS/my PS5/etc. Maybe.
  • You’ll do.
  • Let’s spend Valentine’s Day together on the sofa… on our phones.
  • Happy Anni – I mean Valentine’s Day!

5) Don’t overthink it

Remember, no matter what you decide to write, just giving your Valentine a card already shows they mean a lot to you. So try not to worry and overthink it.

Oh! And as promised… to help find your perfect card in time for February 14th clink this handy link.

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