Age friendly vibes card range with UK Greetings brand Kindred

According to the Centre for Ageing Better, ageism is the widest form of discrimination in the UK.  Half of people aged over 50 in England say they experienced age discrimination in the last year, and children as young as 3 express age negative views based on the books they read and the things they hear people say. So UK Greetings felt the timing was right to react and teamed up with pro-age advocate Jan Golden to create a statement collection of greeting cards which celebrates the positive aspects of ageing.

it all began with a cANOPY WOrkshop

At UK Greetings we’re constantly looking to reflect our consumers and the ever-changing attitudes in today’s world. After a workshop to discuss age discrimination with Canopy director DR Hannah McDowall, and Dave Martin from Centre For Policy On Ageing, we decided it was time to review the balance of our cards.

“This led us to make some subtle but important changes to some of our existing cards, which now feel more fully celebratory, and perhaps a little less ageist. And to seek to make a clear pro-age statement that is truly uplifting, modern and true to life. This new collection addresses age in a clever and thoughtful way that resonates with people aged over 50.”

Sandi Parisi, UKG Creative Director

collaborating with jan GOLDEN

Jan Golden, is a creative entrepreneur and pro-age advocate, who was inspired at age 60 to create a line of age-positive cards.

Sandi Parisi, Creative Director and newly appointed D&I sponsor, explains, “In our extensive research to see what age positive products were available in the market, we kept coming back to the brilliant Jan Golden and her Age Friendly Vibes company. Her online products find the perfect balance between championing and celebrating getting older without being preachy or patronising.”

“ It was a pleasure to work with Sandi and her team on this collaboration! I’m excited to see this range of clever, inspiring, and thought-provoking cards that celebrate age distributed in the UK and surrounding areas.

Jan Golden, creator of Age Friend Vibes.

age friendly card collection

Consisting of 25 cards, the collaborative range is spread across General, Birthday, Adult Age, Life’s Events and Love and Family sends. This is to ensure that this age positive message is present across our line and for a variety of occasions. We wanted the choice to be accessible to as many of our consumers as possible. It’s part of a wider D&I journey UKG has been taking to ensure its ranges are always relevant and reflecting modern values.


The collection launched at PG Live and is published under the Kindred brand. This product is available to order now on our Webshop or with the help of your local sales rep. If you’re not a UKG customer and would like to stock this product contact our friendly sales team here.

UK Greetings are a greeting card supplier in the UK who have been proud to create products that help people connect, for more than 100 years. Read more About Us here.

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