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We are so excited, here at UK Greetings, to announce the 15th Anniversary of everyone’s favourite pup, Boofle! For 15 years, Boofle has made cute card sending extra special, with his loveable charm and wonderful cards.

the history of boofle

In 2008, talented artist David Blake transformed the knitted pup made from grandad’s woolly cardy, into a gorgeous, cute character which featured on a beautiful card collection, and has since sold over 100 million cards. Boofle’s popularity has grown and has become a symbol of friendship and love, making birthdays and special occasions warm and snuggly!

Boofle has touched the hearts of many over the years. From the initial card designs to a buzzing social media presence, having gained over 2 million impressions and over 40,000 followers! Regular posting lots of engaging content, with messages of appreciation and love to dedicated fans, and the occasional reminder to stock up on Boofle cards and gift-wrap, for all those special birthdays.

get involved in boofle’s 15th celebrations

You can get involved in celebrating Boofle’s 15th Anniversary by visiting There are lots of fun things to make, Boofle facts and of course an amazing collection of cards! Not to mention, you can now make Boofle cards even more special, by personalising them for your loved one’s!

Don’t forget to follow Boofle on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, to see all the anniversary fun and keep up to date with Boofle’s busy and exciting life! You can find the gorgeous card collection here, or on Boofle’s own Amazon store!

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