Mother's Day card and gift

Mother’s Day is Sunday the 10th next week, so it’s time to celebrate all those fantastic women in your life!

Mothers, stepmums, grandmas, wives… in fact anyone who makes a difference and deserves to be thanked and acknowledged! And whilst we may be a little biased, we think nothing does that better than a card.

If you’ve read our previous article about What to Write in a Mother’s Day Card? you should have a pretty good idea of where to start when it comes to writing your card, but here are some helpful general ideas worth considering.

1) Less can be more

Mother’s Day can bring a daunting expectation that more is more, so don’t feel like you need to write loads to show someone how much they mean.

A wish, a compliment, even just a tiny acknowledgement goes a long way.

2) Thank her!

Mother’s Day is there to show how grateful you are for the special women in your life and all the selfless things they do for you. So tell her!

From last-minute lifts into town to making you feel loved and safe – no matter how big or small, remember to thank her in some way. She’ll appreciate your appreciation!

3) Tell them how much they meaN

Whilst it’s true you don’t have to fill your card fit to burst with sentiment to make it special, that doesn’t mean you can’t! If you find yourself thinking of more and more reasons why they’re loved and appreciated – tell them!

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to feel loved?

4) Look back

Sometimes the happiest memories are all thanks to people we shared them with or who helped make them special. And sometimes it’s nice to remind people of this and reminisce together.

So whether it’s a family holiday or just a moment that made you both laugh – take a trip together down memory lane!

5) Don’t worry

Always remember, no matter what you decide to put in your card, just sending one shows you appreciate those special people in your life and recognise the impact they’ve made.

Hopefully some of these tips should help and if you’re stuck for ideas on which cards to buy for Mother’s Day, check out THESE.

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