Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We care about our social and environmental impact. So we operate ethically and responsibly with policies and practices in place to ensure we achieve our economic, environmental and social imperatives whilst addressing the expectations of our people, stakeholders and customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

UK Greetings evolved from a series of acquisitions made in the UK over the past three decades, and today we are a recognised leader in the UK direct-to-retail greeting card market.

Throughout this period of growth and development our challenge has been to successfully integrate the business operations while remaining true to our core values. These are the principles and standards on which we base our business and how these impact upon employees, our customers, our consumers, our suppliers, our community and the environment.

On this page you will learn about our business ethics, culture and values. We trust this will provide you with a better understanding of our business philosophy and ways of working. It is important to us that our employees are proud to be a part of the UKG family and that we are the partner of choice for our customers and suppliers.

James Conn
Chief Executive

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Our Responsibilty

It’s really important to everyone at UK Greetings to have a good relationship with the community we’re part of.


We support lots of charity events – there’s almost always some fundraising taking place in one department or another (bake sales are our favourite!) and we try to do all the right things to protect our local environment.


Industry Leaders

We’re very proud of our position as market leader! We have a passionate team operating across the whole business from the warehouse to the senior management who are dedicated to delivering the best product and service to our customers.


To ensure we’re constantly delivering award-winning product we invest heavily in research, we know our industry, our retailers and what consumers want.


Health & Safety

Health and Safety Committees have been really successful at UK Greetings, allowing our employees to become actively involved in promoting a safe working environment.

We have a strong system of occupational health surveillance which has resulted in a reduction of accidents in the workplace.

Please click here to view our Health and Safety Policy Statement.

We follow the British health and safety law which states what employees and their employers need to do.

Please click here to view the Health and Safety Law.

We hold liability insurance for employees, as per requirements under the relevant legislation.

Please click here to view our current E.L. Insurance Certificate.

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Support And Development

UK Greetings is a friendly and welcoming place to work – it’s really important to us that we nurture this and all employees feel valued and supported at all times.


We want to be an employer of choice, so we work hard to create the right culture, environment and structure for all our team.


We support our employees in many different ways:

  • With a comprehensive benefits package
  • Extensive training programmes, from senior management skills to basic IT
  • Sponsorship for many employees to develop their skills at university
  • Career Progression - 70% of our Senior Managers were promoted from within
  • Annual surveys and appraisals, to ensure our teams are happy in their work
  • It doesn’t happen often, but when people do leave us we conduct exit interviews to help us understand what we could do differently or better.


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The Environment

It goes without saying that we take the effect our business has on the environment very seriously, and we strive to be as green as possible - taking action and implementing initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment. We work together to minimise environmental damage, and UK Greetings’ Environmental Policy and Environmental Strategy Statement sets out our approach to this.


Reducing our carbon footprint is something we’re totally committed to – our future strategy is to ensure compliance and high performance under the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Scheme.


We also have the environmental management certification ISO 14001:2015 – a framework used for effective environmental management, measurement and improvement. This helps to demonstrate our ongoing effort to environmentally improve operations and continue to be proactive.  


View our Paper Sourcing Policy and EUTR Policy and Compliance Procedures

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The Working Environment

Creativity and innovation is at the heart of our business… it’s not just about the product we create, it’s about everything else we do too. 

It’s about applying the latest thinking in supply chain management, finding solutions to business problems and working together to deliver successful campaigns!

We know that inspiration can strike anyone at any time – that’s why all our employees, at every level, are encouraged to think of new and brilliant ways to help make UK Greetings an even better place to work.


Gender Pay Gap

All companies who employ over 250 employees are required to report on the gender pay gap in their organisation. Please click here to view our Gender Pay Gap report which is taken from our employee data correct as at 5th April 2018.

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Ethical Business Operations

We’re a business that employs labour and services globally as well as locally. In parts of the world without effective employment regulations, we ensure we support the people and the economy, contributing positively towards living standards. 


It’s important to us as a responsible and ethical business, and as a creator of celebratory, social expressions products, that anyone who works for UK Greetings, both at home and abroad, works in safe conditions, and enjoys an acceptable standard of living.


Please click here to view our Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.

Please click here to view our Ethical Trading Policy

Please click here to view our Human Rights Policy.


Sedex Membership

UK Greetings is a member of Sedex (Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange), which means our UK sites are audited independently to check we comply with the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) base code. 


These audits have been successful, and the results are posted on the Sedex website. We also encourage our suppliers overseas to join Sedex and register their factory details. Then we can complete a Sedex Members Ethical Trading Audit or supplier audit, and work with the factories to encourage them to address any non-conformances that might arise. 


What this really means, is that our customers and consumers can have confidence that UK Greetings’ product is produced to high ethical labour standards, regardless of where in the world it’s produced. We’re always reviewing our supply chain to ensure that, as well as meeting the requirements of the ETI base code, we’re also satisfying the most demanding of ethical or technical audits required by our customers.


COVID-19 Secure Workplace

In order to demonstrate that our company fully complies with Government guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19, we have made the risk assessments available to all using the links below.


The risk assessment, which identifies all control measures in place to manage and control the risk of the virus, has been issued to all UKG colleagues. Along with publishing the assessments on this website, we have also issued a poster marking the achievement. This follows Government direction requiring that all employers with more than 50 employees publish their own COVID-19 risk assessment.


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