Joining The GCA’s brand new Diversity Sub-Committee

Darren Cave, UK Greetings Commercial Director, to be a part of the GCA’s brand new Diversity Sub-Committee

DIVERSITY MATTERS: An Interview with Darren Cave

The flood of black lives matter news, which has hit the media and press headlines following the tragic death of George Floyd, has certainly triggered a shake up amongst many businesses and communities.

UKG understand the importance of Diversity and Darren Cave, UK Greetings Commercial Director, is to be a part of the GCA’s brand new Diversity Sub-Committee.

Darren explains what plans are in discussion for our industry.

“Now more than ever do we need a drive for greater diversity and inclusion within the greetings card industry, both within companies, and also within the greeting card selection offered by retailers. The newly formed Diversity Sub-Committee, which is made up of publishers and retailers, aims to promote greater understanding, as well as some traction on this important matter” began Darren.

Very much in the early stages

Darren went onto explain “we are still very much in the early stages, having had just a couple of meetings, we are currently focusing our attentions to our terms of reference - which will help us to define the scope, structure and objectives of the committee.”

“Longer term we will be looking at ways in which we can support small publishers offering diverse cards (such as Georgina and Nicola as featured above), in addition to devising a strategy which will drive a wider range of diverse products to our retailer base. This is an exciting time for artists, publishers, retailers and for the end consumer…

As the year unfolds, we will continue to bring you news and cultural stories, as we develop and promote UKG’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

Georgina Fihosy and Nicola Lespeare, showcasing some of their designs below, are members of the committee.



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