A delivery update regarding Father's Day

We had previously written to customers informing them of the difficult decision to cancel any further despatch of pre-placed Father’s Day orders. We informed our retail partners that they would still be able to order stock from us via our website in the form of a balanced UKG plan.

Given the government announcement on Monday 25th May that retail is now unable to open until the 15th June (less than a week before Father’s Day) we have concerns that retailers will be unable to successfully trade the season. The impact of a limited trading window could further be compounded by reduced footfall influenced by COVID-19 safety measures and the possibility that consumers may make their purchase earlier to leave more time for postal deliveries. These factors lead me to believe that, under normal commercial conditions, significant waste could therefore be incurred.

Despite this, we recognise that retailers may wish to trade Father’s Day and we in turn wish to support them, but this has to be without the risk of creating increased waste. As a result, where requested via an email to our salesandservice@ukgreetings.co.uk inbox, we would be willing to ship stock of a 2ft balanced plan, but stores would be required to keep the stock that does not sell for use the following year (the UKG line will remain the same in 2021).

Normal payment terms will apply and no credits on orders now placed will be issued until after Father’s Day 2021 (c. 12 months from now). This way, any buy / orders for the 2021 season can be adjusted accordingly to take account of residual stock left over from the impacted 2020 season (thus helping us to achieve a better sell through). Please note that stock can be returned post 21st June 2021 providing the value of the returns doesn’t exceed the value of the 2021 UKG buy.

The final date that an order for this season’s Father’s Day stock can be placed with UKG is 12 noon on Wednesday 10th June and all stock will be shipped on the 12th June (to facilitate delivery from the 15th June onwards).

If you have any queries or require any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care team by emailing salesandservice@ukgreetings.co.uk